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Nimz and Manifesting Your Dreams

Nimz and Manifesting Your Dreams

Back from Bonita Rochelle’s vision board party, and inspired is only the half of it.

A quick segue, I’ve noticed I’m getting worse at speaking in public! I don’t know when it happened, but when all eyes are on me I start to shake. Definitely a by product of something I refused to deal with in my past. Anywhoo’s we gon work on that, ‘cos insecurities, anxiety and fear are not holding us back at all this year.

Neither is sleep lol.

Right, back to Make Your Mark’s Vision board party. The event started with a quick panel on vision boarding and the benefits of visualising your goals before we broke off to put together our own vision boards for 2019.

A few takeaways from the panel,

  • write your unimaginable and unthinkable goals down

  • learn to meditate and listen to your inner voice

  • work backwards, start at your end goal and build the steps to it

  • don’t minimise yourself in an effort to be “humble”

Throughout the event my mind was racing, I literally couldn’t wait to get home and put pen to paper - serial planner here for those who don’t know. On my way to the event, a thought had come to me “I wonder if I could do the work I’m doing now for Jay Park next year”, immediately followed by, “but what could I add?”. Then Bola_Sol said “dream bigger” in response to a question and it was like a light bulb flicked over my head. My eyes literally shone like a puppy, of course, I have something to add! I’m Nimz! So guess what I did when I got home, yup, I wrote Jay Park’s name down, and continued on to Rihanna and Beyonce. Ima be one of the hottest visual artists and producers by the end of 2019!

One thing that came out of the MYM event for me, a title. I there and then decided to put a label on what it is I do. Small context, my job role doesn’t really exist. I’ve spent the past four years building it from scratch. I’m pretty fluid and as a freelancer I can wear several hats. Which means when people ask what I do, my usual answer is “stuff”. Honestly, how do you condense everything into one word. I’m not a lawyer, firefighter, nurse, or engineer. Creative probably come’s close but that term is so general, past that, who am I and what do I do?

Hi I’m Nimz, visual artist, producer and director.

I hate hate titles, especially ones that make me feel like some big headed boss. It’s like I’m boasting or a beg. Also why I prefer “Founder” to “CEO”.

Anywhoo’s we’re digressing small, manifesting your dreams and becoming a changemaker! I personally believe you are in control of your destiny, yes maktub; it’s all written, but also tie your camel. You are your only limits, hard work, smart work and serious prayer unlocks doors. Prayer isn’t just done on your knees either, it’s a constant activity. Which is what I believe manifesting is, for me its praying and moving towards that prayer. It’s in line with keeping God at your forefront.

Because I believe all things are in God’s hands, I thank God daily and submit all my affairs to him. I also stay asking for forgiveness frequently, because with all things desires come temptation and I’m a feign for a good thotuation.

(Allahummghfirlee right now too)

If you’re tryna change your life next year here are some tips and steps from me…

  1. write everything down, every single idea - it’s crazy how I always come back to some ideas, develop them and work on them. Or sometimes a new opportunity arises which I’m prepared for because I’ve got ideas on deck

  2. SMART targets - you can google it lol, but give yourself measurable small targets. Pebbles build a mountain and that.

  3. work around you - you know yourself best, don’t try use Oprah’s schedule when you’re not Oprah, build a plan according to you and your lifestyle. Consistency over everything else.

  4. attempt everything - I don’t believe anyone of us has one passion or path, so attempt it all. Do whatever your heart calls for, It’s funny how they always come back to benefit you anyways, no skill gained is time wasted.

  5. write your dreams down - dreams are sooo key! They can be messages, visuals, goals, ideas, movies… dreams can be monetised! Write them down.

  6. network laterally - the people around you are your most important resources!

  7. OPEN YOUR MOUTH - close mouths don’t get fed, I’ve asked and received so many times this year that i’m only going to go ham with the asking next year.

  8. your only competition is yourself - focus inwards! if you block out the external noise and focus on you and what you’re on, everything else falls into place.

  9. mindfullness - it’s really important we gain stability and security within our internal galaxy. Strong mental health, awareness of our inner system, listen to yourself, know yourself, find yourself!

  10. share - be a giver! loose hands, loose lips, share your skills, share your secrets, bring people in. Do it for the reward with God. I genuinely believe God’s got me, so if I can alleviate the stress on someone else and be a blessing to them, I’m a 1000% sure God’ll bless me more. it’s the ultimate selfishness.

  11. There’s an app for it - it’s the tech age, there’s an app for literally everything you’re tryna do, Utilise all these free resources and build your dreams fam!


If you’re writing your goals list and your 5 year plan, do me a favour, write that big scary thing you’re afraid to whisper. WRITE IT, STICK IT ON YOUR MIRROR AND LOUD IT!

Also, whilst we’re all writing goals for the future, lets not forget to jot down our achievements and pat ourselves on the back!

I’ll start This year I did a madness, I made some massive contacts, collaborated on some big projects and spoke very loud every chance I got.

I started work on dropping the emotional shackles I’ve been tied to and started owning all parts of myself, the fluffy, the chubby, the moist, the cute, the absolutely gorgeous, the naughty and the spiritual. I left labels and communities that didn’t align with my goals and destinations and discovered me. I walked on my own, I took risks, spoke out, confronted and healed. I came up with a system to get my boys paid big pees, I learnt my true value, I walked through a set of doors I’d never have imagined being the path I’d walk on. Those doors brought me even closer to my goal, who’d have even thought it? I learnt how hard it is to keep a secret and work in confidence, I discovered the value of internal gratification and satisfaction when work I was working on confidentially went public and I couldn’t boast about it lol. I realised I am a boss, a bag of talent, an influencer, changemaker, trendsetter. I am an artist, I have the creative eye,