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17 y/o making $30,000 per month

So I recently came across an article by Joel Comm (@joelcomm) about a 17 year old making $30,000 per month, all from a desire to no longer ask his parents for money anymore. 

Lord knows I've tapped out bank of mom and dad... So I'm definitely in need of some of his sage wisdom. 

Temper Thompson  sells courses on Kindle publishing on his website which earn him the cool $30,000 (Click here for the full article). 

Temper broke his success into 5 lessons which I've extracted from the full article (click above to read). 

Y'all know ima also add my own commentary too. 

1. Take Action

The first lesson is that you have to actually do something. "A lot of people talk about what they want to do but they never actually do it," Temper says. "If you don't take action, you're never going to have success."

 How many times have you thought "if only I had done xyz". It's a race outchea, if you don't someone else will! The worlds not waiting on you to implement your bright idea. 

2. Don't Fear Failure

The second lesson is to persevere.

Mistakes always happen. Temper went through plenty of trial and error as he was growing his business, but it's what happens next that matters. Too many people try, fail and give up, he says. "No wonder they never achieve success. Failure is an advantage. You learn from your mistakes and you get better."

Keep on failing!!! Become a professional failure even, just don't give up on your self. Tweak your idea, learn your lessons and keep going. Y'all heard the story of Victoria Secrets, the founder Roy Raymond sold Vickky Secrets for $1M in 1982... Victoria Secrets is now valued over $13bn - He gave up, and someone else turned his perceived failure into all types of success.   

3. Stay Focused

You also have to hone in on a topic and stick with it.

"The most powerful thing you can do is just focus on one thing," he says. "You can grow much bigger when you stay focused."

 Hardest part in my opinion. I feel like I'm always having the next big idea! Staying focussed and prioritising my projects and ideas is key. 

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

You have to have the right network -- a support network that's inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.

"If you surround yourself with negative unsuccessful people, they'll drag you down with them," says Temper. "Positive people will support you and help you stay focused."

Can I get a PREACH!!!! I don't know how many times I can say my team that baddest, or stress the importance of having an awesome team. You will get down, you will get demotivated, days will get dark... You need those people who will pick you up. They don't even have to get your vision, they just have to love and get you. Sometimes my ideas get so crazy, my team will be like "hmm, well give it go and we'll be here if you need us" - real love right there!  

5. Don't Get Comfortable

And you have to keep moving forward.

 Sometimes it feels like I close my eyes and all the trends have changed. You're idea won't stay golden on its own, you gotta polish it, remain aware of your surroundings. 

Additionally you yourself can never remain satisfied with your current level, keep striving. Progress not perfection guysssss 😁

Temper has grown his business by a factor of ten every year. Once he'd hit that $100 monthly goal, he didn't sit back and put his feet up. He saw that with a few changes, he could make $1,000 a month. When he was making a thousand bucks, he still didn't kick back. He leaned forward, made some more changes and drove towards $10,000 a month.

His goal for this year is to generate $100,000 a month. He's well on the way.

"A lot people will hit their goal and say they're happy," he says. "If you don't get comfortable you can keep increasing goals and keep growing."

Article source and Credit: Joel Comm

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