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Truth about (Modest) Fashion - Something I've learnt

Tomorrow B+J turns one! Well officially, so I thought I'd put together a list of things I've learnt in this biz.

I'm an observer, I don't say much... I just watch and learn. I look at what people do rather than what they say, and I pay very close attention to the world around me. 

I usually don't speak on it, I believe each to their own. Mine's not to force change on people. Be the change you want to see and all that. 

But enough about that, let me tell you about what I've learned in this thing called fashion...

  • Everyone wants to be a fashion designer or model - everyone wants all the glam but none of the sweat. 
  • People will COPY you.  
  • Unfortunately, and this might sound super mean - not everyone has what it takes. You have to be honest with yourself. Right now, everyone is doing the same thing! From Abaya companies to tailors... Y'all just copy and pasting. Ask yourself what is different about you? What are your USP (unique selling points)? Is the market ready for you? Is there space for you? 
  • You have to be adaptable and versatile, people are unpredictable! As much as we're a spoon fed generation (in that we follow trends and look to 'fashionistas' and 'bloggers' to tell us what to wear) we still hold a few tricks up our sleeves.  Sometimes people go left when all the signs, research and statistics point right. The industry is moving at warped speeds, trends change in seconds, are you sure you can keep up? 
  • You have to be resilient! Dude, people will come at you, lay false claims at your doorstep, taint you with negativity - it's not always intentional - but creativity is a personal thing, don't let their clouded eyes blur your vision. 
  • Some people will support you when it suits them, or when there's a direct benefit for them - Don't sweat it, make a mental note and keep it pushing.   
  • Honestly, if you're nothing short of spectacular don't come into this industry- it's saturated. Everyone and their cat thinks they have what it takes. You don't! There's no magic wand to be waved for success... Only the best survive.  
  • Did you know there are several roles in fashion besides designing, modelling and even styling? The modest fashion industry needs you in other ways, your creativity can still be put to use. 
  • But most importantly - trust your gut and remain prayerful. Following your passion is 1000% worth it! 

Right now it seems like every other person that follows me on Instagram has a fashion business, every blogger is a designer, hijab stylist.

The rise in popularity of the modest fashion industry has caused it to become over crowded, but at the same time there are not enough modest fashion brands...

confusing right?  

In my opinion, everyone is busy launching their own brand rather than supporting existing brands... I don't just mean monetary support but using our various talents and connects to build an infrastructure that truly caters to Muslims (women specifically). 

Collaborating rather than competing.  

Honestly speaking until I as a consumer can shop head to toe from modest fashion brands and receive the same competitive prices, the same (although not entirely awesome) quick response customer service, or (in the case of some modest brands) the same quality... I will not be happy.

Basically I want to see y'all on the high street next to Zara and H&M, and my fave bespoke/couture brands at Westfields village where I can walk past wishing one day I'll afford you. 

Purely selfish reasons of course lol

By no means am I knocking the hustle of brand owners- simply pointing out although we've come along way, we still have a long way to go- and we won't get there by competing  

Sincerely, your friendly neighbour-web advocate for supporting existing brands. 

May He make us all successful in our endeavours 🙈😁 

Check out 5 brands I'm totally loving at the moment below - 


**all pics sourced from their instagrams**