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Here at Brimah + John I have two main beliefs "No-one can dictate you, to you" and "aspire for progress not perfection". 

“This is a space where voices are heard and it turns out, I’m really good at listening”


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Nimz and Being A Spinster

Why is it when you share your future goals and expectations people reply with advice suggesting that you’ll end up old and unwed, living with cats and, knitting jumpers out of cat hairs, if you don’t prioritise marriage.  

Like why is the future of any woman with goals and dreams beyond marriage grim, grey, lonely and miserable? Across all cultures to be honest, I can’t even claim this is just a Nigerian thing.

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Nimz and Everything On Her Chest

Everyone’s reassuring about how much of a first step talking about it is, but when you have huge dreams and ambitions slow progress often feels like no progress. 

I don’t expect myself to change over night, but I do expect change. Positive change. And as of late it feels like I’m regressing. 

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