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Here at Brimah + John WE believe in "progress not perfection"; keep evolving. 



Dear Reader,

Hi, Salaam, Welcome, I'm Nim, visual artist and storyteller, and this is Brimah + John a Creative Hub founded on the desire to support and encourage creatives and brands within minority and diverse ethnic groups. Named after the two biggest influences in my life, Brimah + John signifies the merging or combination of our differences,  individuality and unique preferences to birth something new.

Brimah + John is home to digital magazine MKTB (click here) which is released quarterly, it's weekly podcast counterpart, MNTQ (click here) and my work in Visual arts and Digital media. 

Committed to making a difference, I'm a champion of the "OPEN YOUR MOUTH" lifestyle. I believe it’s our responsibility to speak up and speak louder in order to make impactful and positive changes to society. I call this changing the narrative, because, honestly, no-one can tell your stories better than you can. 


Nim Brimah-John x

p.s Discussion births progression.